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Emiratis named toughest critics for online hotel reviews

A new survey by accommodation booking site reveals that Emirati travellers are the toughest critics when it comes to how they rate hotels in the site’s online reviews. Agoda’s Travel Smarts survey shows the nationalities that give the best

Which countries have the most demanding tourists?


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i hate when people leave bad hotel reviews because the pool was too “salty” um hello you aren’t meant to drink it???

Disneyland Hotel Reviews | – Disney News …

disneyland anniversary 60. Mouse Chat Disney Radio –. Why you should go to Disneyland. If you have only been to Walt Disney World in Orlando Florida we want to tempt you to try Disneyland in California. So on Mouse …

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You’re going through online hotel reviews and getting mixed signals about a place. One reviewer says they were dissatisfied with the property. The next heaps praise on it. Though usually it comes down to personal preferences and experiences, according

What nationalities give the most generous hotel reviews?

The survey, conducted in July 2015, analyzed over seven million hotel reviews from travelers all over the world to see which nationalities tended to rate hotels higher or lower than average. travelers can submit reviews for hotels

The gateway to the Australian Outback: what it’s like to stay at three of …

THERE’S no shortage of hotels in Darwin, which is the gateway to the Northern Territory Outback. We stayed at three of them and give you our verdict. Elan Soho Suites. Where: 31 Woods St. Why: It’s new. The Elan Soho Suites is a 4.5 star hotel with a

Responding to Online Reviews: The Positive Sandwich Method | By Carolyn Murphy

The answer is, that depends. We’ve talked before about the best way to respond to negative hotel reviews. But sometimes, reviews contain mixed sentiments. The majority of reviews on TripAdvisor, even some five star reviews, express mixed sentiments.