Staying Safe During a Sexy Vacation in Thailand

While it is summer, it might do you well to plan a quick trip to a beautiful country where you can get a break from the usual job routine that keeps you busy. If you want to experience something quite different from your culture and ancestral history, you can think of paying a visit to countries that are far away, with a heritage that is unique and monuments brimming with rich historical tales that will never fail to amaze you.

Thailand is one of the most popular destinations for tourists all over the world, and is often the place where westerners broaden their horizons and discover new experiences.

Plan on a safe trip in Thailand:

Safe Thailand TripWhile Thailand is one of the most beautiful places to visit, one of its major attraction is its unhindered involvement in world of adult entertainment. From running legal sex shops to maintaining sexual entertainment services that include mainstream and uncommon fetishes, Thailand pretty much has it all presented on a silver plate for all tourists to enjoy!

This can definitely mean a fun adventure for you and your friends, and it is not uncommon to find men flying to Thailand in search for some exciting moments with exotic girls who certainly know how to please men. However, you need to practice some sort of caution to make sure that you do not end up making a mistake that you might repent for the rest of your life.

Sexual adventures are always fun to have, but one must enjoy them responsibly. This is why practicing safe sex is a must. When you are in Thailand, chances are high that you might find yourself with more than one sexual partner. All your partners will definitely be strangers to you, and you might not be sure about their sexual history. This is why you should carry enough condoms for holiday so that you do not end up getting sexually transmitted diseases like HIV and herpes. Even the curable diseases like Chlamydia and Gonnorhea can have nasty symptoms, so it is always better to work on preventive measures.

Why should you pack enough condoms with you?

You might leave condoms out of your list while packing for your trip to Thailand because you believe that it is too easy to get condoms everywhere. They are definitely one of the most common contraceptive measures; why would they not be easily available in Thailand? The answer is not so simple. While you have a high chance of getting condoms in any medicine shops in any country, there is also a substantial amount of risk that you might not find condoms in Thailand easily. Plus, it is better to buy condoms from branded companies which you can swear by, instead of relying on manufacturers whom you have never heard of before.

Also, this article on Lonely Planet states how condoms in Thailand are made as per different standards and quality requirement than in your country. This actually means that the condoms you will find there are not suitable for you.

Buying condoms is a very personal issue for both women and men. We tend to have our own preferences when it comes to the matter of deciding which kind of rubber we want to use. You will not be able to find different varieties of condoms from Thailand while you are on the tour. Not all places sell condoms of different textures and flavours, so if you have any specific preference, you will have a less exciting sexual experience.

Condom VaritiesDifferent online stores like Condomania have blog posts which focus on important information related to safe sex practices. You will find enough articles which talk about the benefits of buying wholesale condoms online, which you can easily access from the safety of your own home.

They even have a condom sampler package, which is super useful when you are not sure which type of condoms will work for you the best.

There are several reasons why you should buy condoms online before leaving for your trip to Thailand:

More varieties:

If you buy your condoms from sites like Condomania, you can get a huge stock of condoms for your trip. When you try to buy condoms in Thailand, you might not find any popular brands that you trust. Also, there is a big chance that you might not find condoms of different varieties.

More convenient:

It is very easy to buy condoms online anonymously. It would be rather painstaking to go up to a local shop in Thailand and try to make yourself understood to the shopkeeper when you are looking for condoms. You might also face a lot of embarrassment as people notice you in the shop buying condoms. When you are buying condoms online, no one is around to judge you.

Less hassle:
Stocking up on condoms in your home country is more convenient than running around looking for shops to buy condoms from in a country that you do not know.

Stay disease-free:
Staying Disease Free in ThailandIf you are well-stocked on condoms, the less problem you will have in having safe sex with strangers. If you do not carry condoms, you might act irresponsibly and take a dangerous chance, while placating yourself that nothing bad can happen from a one-time no-condom affair. This is like playing Russian Roulette in the sex trade, and it won’t be so enticing anymore when you find yourself infected.

Condoms are crucial to experience your sexual freedom without hurting your partners or yourself. Touring other countries can be fun, as long as you do it responsibly. This is the reason why you should be well prepared, and stocking up on condoms while packing for the trip is the only way to do that.

And since you need quite a lot of condoms for the trip, it is better if you buy them online. Different online stores will sell you a lot of condoms at a wholesale price, which means that you will be making a lot of profit in the long run. This is a very inexpensive way to experience your fun sex adventure in Thailand. Even if you do not manage to use up all your condoms during the trip, you can bring them back and use them later.

Do not be stingy when it comes to stocking up, because the chance is high that you might need all of them and more when you are in Thailand, having the time of your life!